Time Machine and OS 10.8

First posted on the 16th July, 2012 – IT
Last modified on the 21st July, 2012, at 10:56 pm

New laptop, new OS so time to create a new size-limited time machine sparse image bundle on my NAS. Wanted to do this the easy way so this time created 1 TB image sparse disk image bundle in Disk Utility.app. Then one new important step for OS 10.8 need to tell the OS that may share on my NAS is a time machine destination:

sudo tmutil setdestination /Volumes/Backup

where Backup is my mounted AFP share on my NAS used for time machine backups. All credit for this very important step goes here.

Now started a time machine backup to get OS to create a standard unlimited size limited sparse image bundle on my NAS. As soon as image was created and it starts to transfer file stop the backup. Swap out the sparse image bundl just created with the size limted one from Disk Utility and then transfer the following files from within the old bundle to then new one:


Fire up time-machine again and OK the dialogue to use the new image.