WordPress & Mac OS X 10.7 Server

First posted on the 28th August, 2011 – IT
Last modified on the 28th August, 2011, at 9:51 am

So having upgraded and got my old WordPress install working I din’t want to go through all the effort of creating an self-signed SSL certificate as described here.

Having read about the server add on to Mac OS X 10.7 I was intregued that it offered simple configuration of SSL for both web services i.e. https and the iChat server (not so important). So I payed for the server add on and wondered if it would work.

Installation was easy but a remember to backup your httpd.conf file as the server compoant changes quite a bit in the file.

One confusing point was the IP address setting in Server.app. When set to “any” checking my external URL all I got were the defaults, changing this to my static IP of my server allowed the port forwarding from my router to work as expected and everything was OK. Obvious in hind-sight but still easy to overlook.

The use of the Server component has the added advantage the it is very easy to serve web pages stored in any location. For backup reasons I have been wanting to move my site from /Library/Webserver/Documents/ to ~/Sites for a while but wan’t looking forward to having to manually change things in httpd.conf. Having moved the files and changed the directory everything worked fine except WordPress permalinks. Remembering to move the hidden .htaccess file solved this one!

Although costing some money, the fact that an SSL secured site can be setup so quickly is work it.